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20 tons of infected eggs have been sold in denmark where authorities say some were found to contain traces of fipronil, an insecticide used on animals. the gulf news business pages look at opec, who have boosted estimates of demand for crude oil this year amid stronger than expected fuel consumption. it raised forecasts for the amount it needs to supply by 200,000 barrels a day. also in the guardian, tourists in spain are facing a backlash from locals who are fed up with overcrowding as well as housing becoming more expensive. alternatively, some european holiday makes are also avoiding spain due to high prices and are turning to cheaper destinations like bulgaria. and finally, the telegraph reports on concerns over a new "do it yourself" divorce form which lawyers are warning could lead to thousands of people being accused of adultery. the online form includes a section for the petitioner to fill in the details of the other person your partner committed adultery with which lawyers say could expose some people unknowingly. so let's begin.
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with me is amrita sen, who's chief oil analyst at energy aspects. starting with north korea, which has been dominating the news. we chose the independent because of this picture, which appears to show, and it is never quite clear, it looks like hundreds of thousands of people in pyongyang rallying in support of the regime. but of course at the moment the story has been dominated this war of words between north korea and the us, which keeps going up korea and the us, which keeps going up and up. and within the us with got the defence secretary saying, we still prefer the diplomatic path, whereas obviously trump keep saying the few we and you should be warned. —— of the few really. at the moment both sides are escalating. 0f —— of the few really. at the moment both sides are escalating. of course neighbours like south korea and japanjust neighbours like south korea and japan just hope it's a war of words
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and nothing else. this has been going on for some time. it's really only recently that the stock market seem to have them. they've become a lot more risk averse. yeah. even when there was a lot of pressure on china to act on north korea, i think initially it was very much like, 0k, trump is trying to threaten china and get china onboard with this, but right now he is clearly saying, if you don't do this there will be consequences. then korea says it will focus on guam. there is now fearing the financial market that there is a possibility, however remote, that things could escalate and especially because donald trump keeps talking about the nuclear arsenal that they have and again as long as it is words that's fine but it seems to have rattled the financial markets a lot. in terms of these twin messages out of the us, you mentioned general mattis and president trump's rhetoric, does
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that feel like a deliberate policy? is there a strategy? yes, we would hope so! but often so far it has happened that a lot of, on the policy site, the people on the ranks say something completely different to the president. you wonder if they are co—ordinating. to the president. you wonder if they are co-ordinating. yes. or if it is just off—the—cuff remarks. he has been known to do that on twitter in particular. it is difficult to judge, but you really hope... supposedly no one in was expecting the fire and fury comments. china's position on this is very much on the fence. in many ways china doesn't want to see a reunited korea. that is not in its best interests. in the paper it says china said even if north korea was
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to move ahead it would stay neutral. it doesn't want the north and south... it doesn't want a unified korea. in some ways is —— it is in its best interests to have a slightly unstable north korea. it doesn't want war either because there will be many refugees flowing into china. so they don't want this to escalate into war but they also don't want a resolution. moving on. the gulf news reports that growing food scandal in europe. this has become worldwide news. when you look at the figures, the amount of eggs that have been contaminated is huge. what surprised me with this story is they are talking about 700,000 eggs being contaminated. unsurprised to got to that scale before they realised pesticides had been used. pesticides usually used on animals that got into the eggs. of course now we've been watching the bbc, all of the eggs have been destroyed. but
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it is everywhere. denmark, luxembourg, belgium, germany and everywhere in the uk. the story seems to be precisely that, clearly some people knew what was going on. why wasn't it acted upon? another reason not to eat eggs! i don't like eggs at all. i do love fried eggs in the morning. i'm joking, at so much egg is used in all sorts of processed foods. it comes back to using... creating stuff at home rather than relying on convenience. but again egg is used in everything. you can't get away from it! this is up your street. opec's from it! this is up your street. 0pec‘s predictions. do you agree? from it! this is up your street. 0pec's predictions. do you agree?” think it is due to demand and at the moment demand is coming on strongly. my moment demand is coming on strongly. my brief take on this is that current price levels of about $50 is
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too low. the world economy is doing very well. in may, we have 3 million barrels per day. so demand is growing very strongly. there is a bit of a dichotomy in the market. people are scared off pushing prices up people are scared off pushing prices up to high. the tap will be turned back on in the us and then the price will be not down again. this is the problem, but demand is growing so quickly where we have to have an equilibrium where we do have slightly higher prices because we will need the additional supplies. you can see that now in the producers as well. they've done well. a bling as well as many expected. so there's a bit of change in the mood is in the oil market, that we don't have to be at in the mood is in the oil market, that we don‘t have to be at 40— in the mood is in the oil market, that we don't have to be at 40— 5a in the mood is in the oil market, that we don't have to be at 40— sa a while, we could probably head higher. this story about how the rest in spain are facing a backlash from locals. we have some bosses of travel companies they instead perhaps the reason will shift to
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other countries like beilby area. —— bulgaria. you think that's wishful thinking ina bulgaria. you think that's wishful thinking in a way? that they want to boost the destinations they've put money into? they talk about tunisia as well. they are reopening it up. spain, france, they will always be popular. but they do make the point that it popular. but they do make the point thatitis popular. but they do make the point that it is getting expensive. after the pound has got a really weak, i think at least british tourists will be cost conscious and in that sense eastern europe or some other locations might be an alternative. i don't think they will just say, we won't go to barcelona. it is one of the names people just won't go to barcelona. it is one of the names peoplejust want won't go to barcelona. it is one of the names people just want to visit in respectively. as someone who is half spanish i can probably offer my opinion. i don't really understand why spain is complaining about this. imean, i
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why spain is complaining about this. i mean, i geta why spain is complaining about this. i mean, i get a crowded thing but given spain's economy is just picking up, i mean, this is great for them. the thing is, the wages aren't trickling down to employees. but there are stilljobs. when you have massive youth unemployment...” don't think they should be complaining. but they say house prices are going up too much because ofa prices are going up too much because of a b&b and so on. there prices are going up too much because of a 3&3 and so on. there is always a downside. —— airbnb. this last story about online divorce forms. you could then name people you are accusing of having an affair with your partner more easily.” you are accusing of having an affair with your partner more easily. i was surprised this even exists. what lawyers are saying is if you can name and shame on you might want to just get back at someone and you can fill this in and it exposes them. just get back at someone and you can fill this in and it exposes themm is an interesting development. the fa ct is an interesting development. the fact that in law you can get so many more online forms and rather than having to go to a solicitor and
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trigger the forces you can literally just log on —— trigger a divorce. you think things could become more hasty given it is so easy? you would think this should be private, between two people. but like you say... and people could just play pranks and create understanding. it seems it is convenience, but do we really wa nt seems it is convenience, but do we really want this to be convenient? i guess it's an open question. instead of drunk dialling you will be drunk divorcing! , next morning and you have already pressed send! exactly. thanks very much. that's it from us. hello there. thursday was a fine day for most of us, and the weekend isn't looking too bad either. we just have friday to get through first. because things will be turning increasingly cloudy. we'll see some outbreaks of rain.
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in fact, already, some wet weather already in north—western areas. an area of low pressure sliding across the north of the british isles. tightly squeezed isobars — notice the white lines quite tightly packed. that shows us that the winds will be quite strong. stong gales at times across areas of scotland, with areas of rain working from west to east. but for the midlands, eastern england, in the south and the south—east, it'll start off dry and bright, and will stay that way for good parts of the day. cloud only very slowly increasing from the west. so even by 4pm in the afternoon, for east anglia, down to the south—east, there should be some sunshine around. 22—23 degrees is quite possible. mainly fine for the channel islands. just a bit of patchy rain creeping in here. that patchy rain continuing to work across the south—west of england. most of it quite light and patchy. perhaps some heavier bursts for coasts and hills. similar story there across wales. 16 degrees in cardiff for the middle of the afternoon. for northern ireland, even though the main area of rain
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will have cleared away by this stage, there's like to be some cloud left behind, some drizzle. so was true for much of scotland. but to the north, the murray firth, aberdeenshire, they can see some brightness holding on. if that happens, temperatures could get to about 20 degrees. rather cloudy and a little damp across much of northern england. as we go through friday night into the early hours of saturday, the heaviest bursts of rain will have cleared away. but there's still gonna be cloud, mist, murk and drizzle around. not a chilly night by any means, 13—16 degrees. and for some, it is going to be a struggle to clear that cloud away during saturday morning. the frontal systems really dragging their heels, particularly across the south of the british isles. generally speaking, high pressure takes charge of the scene for the weekend, which means it will be largely dry, with some spells of sunshine. as you can see, though, quite a cloudy start for saturday. that cloud struggling to break up too much in southern areas. there'll be the odd spot of drizzle around. but northern england, northern ireland, and scotland, the skies will brighten. we'll see some spells of sunshine and perhaps a shower for scotland, north—east england.
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temperatures nothing to write home about, but in the sunshine it won't feel too bad. and with high pressure right on top of the country on sunday, it should be mainly fine day. good spells of sunshine, and you would be unlucky to get a shower, 16—22 degrees. so, quieter through the weekend, but things will turn unsettled again into the start of next week, with rain at times, particularly in the north—west. hello. this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. arrests as the contaminated egg scandal spreads to more european countries. it's now known that 700,000 eggs have been sent to the uk from farms caught up in the scare. some processed foods have been pulled from supermarket shelves, but officials insist it's unlikely the public is at risk. good morning. it's friday the 11th of august. also this morning:
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the us defence secretary says war with north korea would be catastrophic. james mattis insists diplomacy is delivering results. a friendship forged through football. one month on from the death of bradley lowery, premier league
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